WOW1 this Is Amazing- April 2014

We are making progress on all fronts here in Honduras. Here are some of the highlights so far:
• Launched the Faces of Dreams child sponsorship program which is off to a great start! The children look great and are doing well.
• Helped plant another church in a village called Los Animas. The pastor is young man who was in our feeding program as a child. This is very cool…..
• Bought a ministry van which will be a huge benefit as we get it in service for full time ministry.
• Hosted a team from Metro Tab in Chattanooga for week of ministry which included basketball camps, balloon animals, street and church evangelism. Around 250 were saved during the week, we gave out 20 basketballs, distributed around 1500 books of the Gospel of John and 6 full study bibles, and WE HAD FUN!
• Metro Tab will be sending another team down in July. The plans for this team are coming together well. You still have time to be a part of what God is doing here in Honduras…join us in July!
• We are partnering with pastors associations, churches, business people, and government officials for many projects in the future.
• The future is huge for sports camps here. They want to learn American football, basketball, and baseball if you would like to be involved. We are looking at starting a program similar to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The evangelistic outreach will be absolutely incredible!
• We have an opportunity to start bible schools here and there are at least three locations that have accepted the offer and are excited about the opportunity. This could be our best discipleship program yet as it formalize the education of pastors and church leaders.
• As I am writing, Pamela and I have been in about 10 cities and living in hotels and out of suitcases so far. The has been faithful as we have been welcomed everywhere that we have been.
• As you can tell, we have been very busy but that is why we came!

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