Mike Patton Ministries began in 2001 with Mike’s trip to Honduras as part of a large mission team. After that trip, the Lord placed in our heart to continue mission work and that work has primarily been in Honduras but has also reached into several other countries as well and continues to grow. While in Mexico with some friends on another mission trip, God gave us a vision to see one million souls saved! This has changed our course a bit over the last few years. While we always focused on presenting the gospel so that people could be saved, we now realize that God has a bigger plan. Jesus came so that the world could be saved and we want to join in that vision and invite others to join as well.

In 2011, we began serving as Missions Pastors of the great Metropolitan Tabernacle in Chattanooga, Tn. under the excellent leadership of Dr. Steve Ball and Reita Ball, Lead Pastors. Before that, we were with “The Grove” in Dayton Tennessee for 19 years with Pastor Eddie Suttles and First Lady Diane Suttles who have inspired us greatly and still do. We are forever thankful for great mentorship from our dear friends Dr. Gerald Holloway and his wife, Sue, along with Dave and Maria Skinner, who both somewhat adopted us and have helped us so much in learning about world missions and ministry.

We believe in networking with other ministries to be part of God’s vision for the world so we are always trying to connect dreamers to their dream. We like to build bridges between people and with people. We believe that partners catch more fish. In 2013, we were able to partner with a group of over 2000 missionaries from around the world for a nationwide event in Honduras that we believe was historic and the beginning of bigger and better things. We believe that our network is growing and that God is doing something amazing in this earth in these final day and we are determined to be part of it.

In October of 2013 we started a program called Faces of Dreams (FOD). FOD was started with 47 children that we connected with sponsors in the US. Currently, we have over 200 children in the program…Praise God! In the middle of a storm…God still speaks! We have been given a vision for 500 children in FOD. You may ask how can we do this? With God, our four main schools, and you this can be a reality. Together we are Better! We have found that this program not only blesses the children, but the one that chooses to sponsor a child.

On the personal side, we have wonderful children and amazing grandchildren. We believe that they are signs and wonders to our and their generation and we love them dearly. Our awesome parents, Ronnie and Linda Patton (Mike’s) and Bob and Hazel Cobb (PaMela’s) are also inspirations to us and have always been there for us. They are incridible parents. We are so thankful for family and friends that have become family to us that God has placed in our lives. We are truly Blessed!

Together, we will reach “One Million Souls”!