“Faces of Dreams” is expanding! More hungry children will be fed!

That is right. We are starting a new program in Saba, Colon, Honduras. It has been in the works for a while but now it is beginning. 109 malnourished children will be getting a meal everyday though our second location. Both children and parent’s dreams are beginning to come true! Some kids have no food in their home at times, so how can they be encouraged to follow their dreams and education? This will be a separate program from the current project in Danli, El Paraiso where we currently have 92 sponsored children in the Faces of Dreams program.

We will start construction soon on the kitchen, and we are in progress of getting the food together. At the same time of our deciding to launch this exciting and life-changing program, we were given an incredible opportunity to buy some super-nutritional food to add to our programs. Even more importantly, at both of our schools, we initiated a bible reading and prayer program. We have given every teacher a new bible and the reading plan. That means that almost 200 students and their teachers will hear the Word of God every school day! We are very excited and we hope that you are as well! We are not only feeding people but also making disciples. Even more exciting is that other schools have invited us the bible reading program!

Would you consider joining with us in this new adventure? Please do pray for us, but also please pray about joining with us financially. That’s all we ask, just pray, and if you feel led to join with us, just let us know. There will be start-up costs and monthly bills for the food and other projects after that but we are sure that God has opened these doors. We also know that He is faithful and that He uses people just like you! Below is a breakdown of the budget for the project for your information and prayer time.

• Construction of the kitchen and dining area- $2000.00 USD
• Pots, pans, etc. for kitchen- $200 USD
• Bibles- $4 USD each (current schools are supplied but we need about 40 for the next two schools)
• Monthly budget for food- $800.00 USD (less than $8 USD per child per month)

Monthly sponsorship options:
1. $30 USD feeds 4 hungry children per month
2. $60 USD feeds 8 hungry children per month
3. $100 USD feeds 14 hungry children per month

The number 8 is the number of New Beginnings and we believe that sponsors will receive a 30, 60, or 100 fold return!

Our goals are to see one million people saved and to feed one million meals, so again, please do pray about helping us out. No gift is too small! As you can see the cost of each meal and the cost of the bibles are very minimal so YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in three ways!
1. Pray
2. Donate as you are led by the Lord
3. Please tell our story! (You may have contacts that would get involved.)

Do remember that all donations are tax deductible, and that we are here for you if you have any questions or comments.