Hello Honduras- May 2014

Friends of God,

We have some exciting news from the mission field in Honduras. God is moving! The school systems and churches are wide open for the gospel! We have great locations to host teams! Sports camps are a great draw and a lot of fun here! You can do missions, have an adventure, help people, and be blessed all at one time! The Lord is good!

As I am writing, this month we have seen 259 people saved, helped plant another church, hosted a great team from Chattanooga, launched the Faces of Dreams child sponsorship program. It is off to an amazing start and it is only $25 per month to give a child a hope for the future. Unfortunately not all of the children are sponsored. We still have a few that need sponsors this year. We do understand that $25 per month can be a little much for some people so would you please consider a donation of possibly $15 per month? (That is only 50 cents per day.) Every donation helps us continue to do what we do. If $15 per month is too much, please just do what you can and keep us in your prayers always. Every donation of any kind really helps! These children are beginning to see hope for the future and we want to help reach their dreams.

Our future plans include starting at least one ministry institute and launching a program similar to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes program in the USA. Both are huge undertakings but we can do it with your help and God on our side. We would love to help you bring a team down sometime so please keep that in mind as well. You are part of God’s plan for this harvest in these last days!

Our friends, we are sure that you understand that it takes money to do what we do so I am not ashamed of the gospel. Therefore, I am not ashamed to tell our story and simply ask for your help. Along with all of the projects and programs, we do have daily expenses just like you as well. We just want to finish our work and Jesus clearly taught that we should work together to fulfill the “Great Commission”. We can do this!

If you can help, please visit our web site at www.mpmonline.org and from there you can take a look at what we do on the blog page, see some photos, and donate if you choose to through our secure PayPal account. You can also book travel though our agency and 100% of the proceeds go to help fund the ministry as well. Let us know if you have any questions. Be blessed and we love you! Thanks for your prayer and consideration!