Ministry Update – September 2014

Good morning everyone!

A quick thought before a brief ministry update…….
From my window, I could see dark clouds and also a patch of brilliant blue sky radiating through at the same time. Just a reminder that even though it is dark and stormy at times, a breakthrough will come. The clouds will move away and the season will change. Your perspective on things is important so keep looking up, focus on the future, just know by faith that a new dawn will bring also bring new mercy!

Ministry update:
The Faces of Dreams child sponsorship program is still going well. Over 10,00 meals have been served this year and all the children have the necessary supplies and uniforms to help make their dreams come true. The school has expanded since last year so there are more students for this year and 2015. We will need your prayers and sponsorship as we move forward into the future with these students.

We are filling in as pastors of a church in the capital city while a friend of ours is away on personal business. This has been a new kind of challenge but very rewarding and we have learned a few new things! The church has been amazing to us!

Over 400 people have been saved this year during our time here!!! You should be rejoicing now!

We have traveled a lot to cover the territory that the Lord has given us which keeps us busy but blessed! We have English classes going in one city with about 50 students. Another class should be starting soon in another city as well as a ministry institute for advanced education and discipleship. We will call it “International Training Center” or I.T.C. to be a cover for all of our training programs. God has blessed us with great teams in both locations!

Miracles, signs, and wonders are following as we proclaim the gospel and God has been good and faithful. Please stay in touch…..we love you and appreciate you all!

Mike and Pamela