JULY 2016

Top of the day to you Dream Builders,

As always, I pray that this message finds you all doing well and walking in The Blessings that The Father has for you. To say that Honduras has EXPLODED would be an understatement. We are now in 34 schools (mostly, public schools) with the Devotional Program…That is over 8000 people praying and reading The Word of God in school…Daily!!! We are feeding a nutritious meal…daily…to over 1000 children…Thank You Jesus!!! In a world where there is a lot of negativity and craziness…God is STILL AT WORK!!! He is still opening doors. He is still guiding our steps. He is still healing and saving…Hallelujah!!!!

A couple of weeks ago we were in Saba working with another ministry to share The Love of Jesus with many. We were able to stop by and see the children in Pradera (many know this as Yesenia’s school)…what a joy to see happy and healthy children!!! All of the teachers and children at the school in Pradera are doing very well.

This past week we were with a Vision Team from Metro Tab in Chattanooga. During the week we were in 7 schools (El Barro, Los Llanos, Pedro Nufio, 2 different schools in the mountains (Bella Vista and Santos Esteban), Barcelona, and El Tablon) in 4 days. In the schools our team shared with the children about Respect…Respecting themselves, their friends, their families, respecting their teachers and schools, their world, and respecting God and churches. The team was amazing…they shared and then they illustrated their words in dramas to ensure that the children understood…and to entertain the children…lol. All in all, it was an awesome week. To top it off, at least 85 children accepted Jesus as their Savior…Glory, Glory, Glory!!! All of the teachers and children are doing well. (You can check out all the pictures and videos on our personal or ministry pages on facebook…there are many!!!)

August 8th is a BIG DAY for Faces of Dreams…WE WILL BE DRILLING A WELL!!! This will be a first for us, but we are BELIEVING that a GUSHER is in our Future!!! This well will change the lives of a Village. Los Llanos will have water…but it does not stop there. God has places some amazing people in our lives, so, we will be able to furnish many with water filters. Not only will water be available…but CLEAN WATER will be available. Go ahead and SHOUT…because GOD IS THAT GOOD!!!
Continue to be in prayer for us and for Honduras!!!

We love you all and pray for God’s Greatest Blessings to be yours!!!