MAY 2016

Good Day Dream Builders,

I trust that this God Given Day has found you all doing well and walking in your Blessings. Things in Honduras continues to expand…more schools have been added and more children are being Blessed…Praise Jesus! With that being said, let me take this time to welcome all the new Dream Builders to FOD! Get Ready…because in Blessing one of our precious children, you, yourself will Be Blessed!!!

In preparing for this update I found my thoughts going to…just what kind of impact is FOD having on our children…so I researched some information to show you how God is working in FOD.

*Many children are forced to leave school for work, usually permanently, at a very young age to help support their families. For similar reasons, this connects the low level of education reached by many parents with the insecure living conditions for more than 80% of Honduras.

We have experienced children leaving school to go to work…some, after conversations, have come back…some, came back after conversations with their parents…and, sadly to say, a few did not come back to school.

*Many children are unable to attend because their families can not afford uniforms and school supplies.
Because of FOD our children are provided with uniforms and shoes…along with their school supplies

*In 10 of the 18 departments Honduras is divided more than 90% of the students need to repeat grades.
Last year 100% of our children passed to the next grade…Hallelujah!!!

*Only 51% of children registered complete primary school.
*The average time it takes a child to finish first through sixth grade is 9.4 years. This is due, in part, to the necessity of the child to contribute to the family’s income. The number of dropouts increases every year.

Where we have seen some children leave school before entering the 7th grade…we currently have 4 of last year’s 5 sixth graders from Los Llanos in the 7th and 5 of last year’s 7 seventh graders in FOD in the 8th. (Just a quick side note…the children that we have in the program that are in the 8th grade are children that were in our 6th grade at Los Llanos when we started FOD. Some of these children are the first in their families to reach the 8th grade.)

All in All…I believe that FOD is Making a Difference in what I believe to be some very precious children. To God Be The Glory for placing YOU in our world…because without you the lives of these children would be different. (Another side note…in 2 of the 3 major schools where most of the FOD children attend…100% of the children proclaim JESUS CHRIST as their SAVIOR!!!

Be Blessed and Thank you for Being a Blessing!!!
Mike and PaMela