Summer Update

Good Day Dream Builders,

I pray that all is well in your world. I pray that Psalm 91 covers your home and your family. These are different times that we are living in…BUT GOD is still on The Throne. He is still with us and He is still at work on our behalf.

We find ourselves doing things a little different these days. Schools and churches are still closed…pretty much everything is closed. But during all the closures we are still feeding children and now feeding their families as well. We have also joined with a few other ministries to get food out to people in need. Now is not the time to stop…but to do more. Hallelujah! Schools may not be in session right now, but children are still doing their homework and are working in the gardens. From what we have been told the gardens are doing extremely well. Praise God!

As I stated earlier…we are still feeding the children and now their families as well. William is actually in the process…along with the rest of our Team…delivering this month’s food packages and other supplies. Things may look different and feel strange…BUT GOD has kept us going!!! All Glory to His Name!!!

Continue your prayers for Honduras. There have been numerous cases of this madness reported there…which they are not equipped to handle…with hospitals and meds like the USA. But God has His Hand on them. They were in an extreme drought…but now they are being hit with heavy rains and a Tropical Storm. When the rains are heavy…flooding usually takes place. If you have been to Honduras with us then you know that many of the homes cannot handle heavy rain and flooding…especially the homes with dirt floors. But God…

All in All…God is Sooo That Good…All the Time!!! Blessings Always!!! Mike and PaMela