Thank You!

Good Day Dream Builders,

I trust that you all are doing well. I have some wonderful news to share…as of yesterday, we have all 202 children in Faces of Dreams SPONSORED!!! God is That Good!!! With that being said, I would like to extend a very appreciative Thank You to all our new Dream Builders. We welcome you and Thank God for sending you our way!

We have been in close contact with our team in Honduras during our stay in the states. They tell us that everyone is doing well. William has been working overtime ensuring that all of the children have what they need. As he has been following up with the children at the schools he has also taken on the project of following up on the children in their homes. When visiting homes some greater needs have been identified. Please know that if needs are identified at your child’s house I will share the findings with you as soon as I possibly can. Together, we are changing and bettering that lives of some very precious children.

Mike and I will be heading back to Honduras in a couple of weeks…please pray for our safe and problem free travels. Soon after returning to Honduras we will be welcoming our July Aquaponics Team…so please be in prayer for that as well. We truly believe that this will be a history making experience…this being the first ever aquaponics system in Honduras. “Give a Man a Fish or Teach him how to fish.” Again, thank you ALL for being Dream Builders and Life Changers. WE truly are making a difference in the lives of many!!!

Blessings, Mike and PaMela