James 1:27 Pure and Genuine Religion is the sight of God The Father means caring for the Orphans and Widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

Our vision is to care for the young and elderly. We have several Feeding Centers where we help provide a nutritious meal to School Children, Sunday School Children, and Elderly. Outside the Feeding Centers we have numerous needy families that we are also providing food for. God is so Good!

On April 1st of this year we saw a Dream come true. Proyecto Trabajando Por Un Sueno (Working for a Dream Project) was birthed. If you have followed our ministry at all over the years then you will know or recognize the name William…he is our spiritual son. William’s mom Yami had a Dream of feeding and ministering to the young at heart and the young in age that were less fortune than her. In April, Yami’s Dream came true. Today, she along with her family and friends serve and minister to about 80 children and elderly 3 days a week out of her home. God is that good!