Food insecurity is a huge concern for people in third world countries. It drastically impacts youth and elderly people so we try to focus them. We help families as well with food shortage but focus on the children and elderly first. Can you imagine not having food for your children, or grandchildren? What if a grandparent was dying due to lack of food? That is a reality for many mothers in Honduras. Many of them told us that the food we provide each month is their only source of food for the month.

We provide food for every sponsored child each month as a part of the sponsorship program. Whether that food be given to the schools to help provide lunches every day or by giving food packages to the students that are in the Danli area schools where lunches are not provided.

Because of God’s Goodness and because he has placed some amazing people in our lives, we provide monthly food in several other locations around Danli. Twenty-five food packages go high in the mountains in a community called Nuevos Horizontes. We have joined with a Catholic Church in Danli called Iglesia San Sebastian it provides 250+ food packages to the elderly and homeless in the program called Libre de Amor. In the community Los Arcos is another area where we feed the children and elderly. Before the pandemic we fed about 100 or so children and elderly twice a week. During the pandemic we give monthly food packages to the individuals in Proyecto Trabajando Por Un Sueno (Working for a Dream Project).