Good Day Dream Builders,

I pray that this new day finds you all doing well. Mike and I are back in Honduras…Hallelujah!!! We found Honduras to be ROCKIN’ and MOVIN’ FORWARD like it was when we left…Thank You Jesus!!!

We spent the last two days in the schools at Los Llanos, El Tablon, and Barcelona. I am pleased to report that all of the children look great. As I have their faces in my thoughts as I am typing this…I am still amazed at how well they looked and how much they had grown over their summer break. The children and teacher are more than ready to get this new school year going…and so are we!!!

The last few days was spent verifying that all of the students were in school and us getting their lists of needed supplies. Once we have all the supplies in place we will start on uniforms and shoes. Our goal is to do our very best to make sure that these children have all they need to be successful in school. We can only do that through this program and being connected to you. Thank you so much for being a HUGE part in ensuring that these precious children have a Future and a Hope!!! God is SO GOOD!!!

If you all will remember Mike and I have talked about how things here have exploded…well they continue to expand!!! This year we are pleased to welcome 30 more new children…that is about 180 children overall. This is a huge increase from our first year of FOD having only 47 children. Mike and I have learned so much over the last several years…but we have much more to learn. So Praise God for Directing our Path and for Sending You and All of the Future Sponsors our way.


Thank you so very much!!!
Mike and PaMela