Honduras Update – April 2015

Hello Everyone and Greetings from Honduras!

I hope that this note finds you doing well. Pamela and I doing well here so thanks for your prayers and support! It is extremely hot now as this is summer time for Honduras and temperatures in places are near 100 degrees. With most events outdoors and in other places without air conditioning, it is pretty warm.

The Faces of Dreams program is going well and the children have certainly improved their standard of living. Their performance in school and their general health are both in much better shape. With your help, we have served about 11,000 meals so far this year and should finish this year with about 30,000 meals served in that current program alone. The good news is that the program could expand greatly this year if plans go as expected. We have another location that we are currently working on that could more than double our current feeding program. I hope that you will consider being a part of that program as well. It will be an extension of the current program but in a new city. God has graciously expanded our territory and I will give you more details soon! We have a goal to feed at least one million meals! We believe that it is the heart of God! We want one million people saved and to feed one million meals!

The education programs have also gone well. We graduated our first two English classes and the students are excited about their future. We currently have 3 classes going. We also have a ministry institute going and hopes of another one starting soon. Disciples are being made!

We have developed a daily Bible devotional along with some scriptures for memory and two public schools have implemented the program for daily use for the students. This means that almost 200 hundred students will hear the Word of God and pray every day in our partner schools! Wow!

Other schools want the devotional program! What we do is, buy the Bibles and present the program to the teachers. So, all we need is bibles and copies of the material now. You can be part of this great program if you would like to. Bibles cost us about $4 USD and then we can go to the other schools. The schools are open and the people are hungry for the Word of God.

We have been blessed to have teams and individuals visit us this year. They get a chance to see the projects. They have taught, preached, loved, and served Our Lord and our people. The missionaries have cried, laughed, hugged, and held our children. The people here have been blessed, but if you ask our visitors, they would tell you that they have been blessed more! We would like to welcome you to come and see it all for yourself. Please consider a trip to Honduras with us! We believe that your life will never be the same. God bless and see you soon!