Blessingly Busy…

Good Day Dream Builders, 

I pray that this new day found you all walking in the blessings of Our Most Gracious Father. 

Things in Honduras are busy…blessingly busy…(I know that is not a word…but it should be.)!!! We are blessed to be a blessing…We are blessed to be able to bless others out of our blessings because we are blessed…blessingly!!!

The children and teachers are doing well. They have had many visitors over the last few months…teams from Metro Tab, Covenant Life, and The Grove. The children, teachers, parents, and schools were blessed greatly!  

There have been numerous hugs given and received since July…lol. 

Honduras as a whole has had a very tough year. We are just now getting rain that has been months delayed for what is suppose to be the rainy season. Prior to the rain coming we were in an extreme drought. Farmers lost a good portion of their crops…which means they did not need to hire workers. 

No crops, no work. No work, no money for food. 

Continue your prayers for Honduras and for the children as the school year is coming to a close for this year. Continue to pray for us as we start planning and preparing for 2020!!!

Blessings Always, 

Mike and PaMela