Honduras — Challenging but good! -August 2014

There are heavily armed security guards, national police, and military police almost everywhere we go. Traffic is horrible and every transaction at a bank or other institution can be complicated. BUT GOD is still moving and opening doors! Since we have been here this time, 171 people have been saved! The child sponsorship program is going very well as the children are looking great and have everything that they need. We are working with new churches along with following up on the works in progress. The boarders are expanding and we are very busy. We are working with church leaders, local government leaders, and business people to expand the Kingdom of God. Next week, we will be traveling again and working with a another Pastor’s association and another school. We are also now filling in for a pastor friend of ours while he returns home for his family. We have been extremely busy and we have a team coming in October if you would like to come down. We would love to see you but do need to know now if you plan to come so let us know ASAP! We love you and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your prayers and support! The Lord is hearing you when you pray for us and you will be richly rewarded. Every donation makes a difference and is greatly appreciated!
In Pursuit of a Million!

Mike and Pamela