January 2016

Friends of God,

Well everyone, 2015 is over. It has passed with great challenges and great successes. The Faces of Dreams project has been a major success in Honduras as children and sponsors lives have been changed. To see children, parents, and teachers catch a vision and begin to have hope is very exciting. The results for 2015 were amazing and very humbling to us. The Lord has truly blessed us with opportunities and provision as you will see from the 2015 statistics below.

  • We fed a little over 200,000 meals in 2015
  • Over 120 children are now sponsored through the Faces of Dreams program which supplies food, schools supplies, and uniforms for the children.
  • Over 400 children are eating everyday now in school.
  • We have over 1600 children in different public schools in our daily devotional program which means they read the Word of God and pray together every day.
  • Almost 100 teachers are helping with that program and they are from all different denominations. Some of them aren’t even saved yet!
  • We graduated about 60 students from English classes and the ministry institute has 10 students in it.
  • Best news: 537 people were saved in 2015!

2015 was great and we are believing that 2016 is going to be greater! We believe that the Lord has been laying the foundation for the future. We can grow these programs and reach more people! We still want to “finish what He started”!

I would like to ask you to please considering helping us financially as we go into 2016. We truly believe that we have a great story! We truly believe that we are making a difference in many ways! We believe that we are in position to expand and have the people in place to help us manage it. God is working His plan and He has graciously allowed us to be a part of something really special. All I ask is that you be  open minded,  pray, and then just obey God. In 2016, I believe that we should do what He says and complete His vision. Jesus is coming again one day. Let’s be busy when that time comes or until we go to meet Him.

I know that you have many options to invest in, but again, just consider us as you think about your investments. You can and will make a difference in 2016!

God bless and Happy New Year!